5 Secret Tips for the Indian Brides to Choose the Right Mangalsutra Design

With the growing trend of fashion, the jewellery craze among women is also increasing. Mangalsutra, one of the simplest jewellery, is a very precious and special ornament for every married woman in India. However, picking the correct piece is sometimes very difficult for them because it has a lot of variety and options. Here are some tips, which can come to the rescue of women in the process of selection:

Choose According to the Outfits:

Today, Indian brides have started wearing western outfits even after marriage. Women do take care of cultural and traditional significance while picking up a mangalasutra, but if you are working, you might have very few occasions for wearing traditional wear. Therefore, one must always choose a mangalsutra after properly deciding upon the kind of outfits you will be wearing on a regular basis.

Choose According to Your Choice:

One of the biggest mistakes women do is choosing their mangalsutra by getting carried away by other’s opinions and choices. It should entirely be your own choice, which suits your needs. For example, if you are looking for a piece to wear daily, then you should look for some light-weight, easy-to-handle mangalsutra. However, if you want to wear it only on special occasions, it should be very intricate in design and look gorgeous. So, whatever choice you make should be on the basis of your requirement without being influenced by others.

Chain Length and Design:

For this, you should keep in mind the type of dress you wear. Chains come in many varieties like single or double chains, the ones that are filled with beads and ones that contain less number of beads, short or long chains etc. All these should be decided by keeping in mind the daily course of action so that it is not a hassle to wear it throughout the day.

Decide the Metal:

Mangalsutra is generally made only of gold, but with the changing times, now it is designed in various metals like white gold, silver, platinum, rose gold etc. These options should be explored according to your budget because each of them comes in a diverse price range.

Pendant Design:

This aspect of a mangalsutra gives it all its beauty. Therefore, it should be decided with a lot of wisdom and detail. The pendant size and shape matters a lot depending on how often are you going to wear it. You can look for many options, but then finally pick up the one that best suits you and is comfortable too. Deciding the budget also plays a very important part in choosing the pendant design.

Mangalsutra is an ornament, which will be with you all the time. Therefore, thorough research must be done in choosing the right one for yourself. It is a big time investment and you cannot afford any mistake while picking the right one. So, take your time and decide very wisely.

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